February 1, 2010

TDABids.com News: Unlimited access to ratings and reviews for hundreds of language professionals

- Read unbiased reviews on hundreds of translators;
- View language professionals’ ratings before hiring;
- Ratings and reviews written by experienced project managers;
- Get reliable feedback on 2,000 language professionals in proprietary database.

Most consumers read product reviews before buying almost anything, a new car, refrigerator or a book. Before going to a new doctor or hiring a plumber, more and more people log on to review sites to check out what other patients or clients have to say about their services. Now, for the first time, translation buyers are going to have the same opportunity. TDABids.com, an online marketplace to buy translation and other language services directly from thousands of independent professionals, is offering registered users access to the ratings and reviews on hundreds of language professionals.
The reviews, written by project managers with years of experience working with freelance translators and other language professionals, are unbiased and based on real direct project experience. In addition to the reviews, language professionals are assigned a rating: neutral, negative and positive.
Much like the rating systems on major consumer product websites, language service buyers are prompted to leave feedback on the language professional upon the completion of a project, in addition to completing a standardized rating form.
While most language services buyers prioritize quality over price, without a service like TDABids.com, they have had to rely on recommendations from colleagues in local offices scattered around the globe.

The TDABids Database
Originally created and developed by the Translatus operations team, the TDABids Database with over 2,000 language professionals has played a key role in the company’s success in the translation and localization industries over the past eight years. The internal database contains an informative profile on translators contracted by Translatus from all over the world. The operations team maintained clear records of contact information, specialties, education and working experience, languages, program and software experience, pricing agreements and rates, along with continuous internal feedback on performance, delivery times and communication.
Registered users are given full access to this database and the TDABids.com team is continually working to maintain, grow and update the information it contains.
TDABids.com satisfies the demands of a market segment that up until now has been ignored. There are numerous sites for language services professionals to advertise their services and bid on jobs for a fee and there are agencies that offer online management tools at a considerable fee. However, TDABids.com is the first site to give individuals in corporations the high-end management tools to upload projects, share projects and request price quotes from multiple language professionals for a fraction of the fee charged by agencies.

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